The Koi-Koi is traditionally played in 3, 6 or 12 rounds. Each player starts with the same number of coins. The winner is the player with the most coins after playing all the rounds. If a player no longer has coins he is eliminated.

Determine the first player

The first player is called oya.

Suffle the cards. Each player draws one card, the player who drew the card of the month located earlier in the calendar becomes oya. Then, shuffle all the cards.

Distribute the cards

At the beginning of the round, each player receives 8 cards and 8 cards are placed on the table between the two players. The cards on the table are called ba.

There are two special hands that cause instant re-deals. If a player is dealt either four cards of the same month or four pairs of cards of the same month, the cards are re-shuffled and re-dealt.

How to play

During a player's turn , the player must pair one card from his hand with another card listed on the table. Cards must be matched by the flower they represent (each flower representing a month). There are 4 cards per month, for a total of 48 cards. If two cards on the table have the same month as the card played the player has to choose one of the two cards. If three cards of the same month as the card played are on the table, the player receives the 3 cards and the card played. This move is called hiki. If you play a card that doesn't match with an available card, put it in the center of the table without taking cards.

Then, reveal the first card of the draw pile and play it immediately.

After that, it's the turn of the next player.

Yakus (combinations)

At the end of his turn, the player checks if he has made a yaku. A yaku is a combination of cards.

Table of yakus

Kasu (1pt + ?)
10 plain cards + 1 additional point for every additional plain card.
Tanzaku (1pt + ?)
5 ribbons + 1 additional point for every additional ribbon card.
Aotan (6pts)
All 3 blue ribbons.
Akatan (6pts)
All 3 red poetry ribbons.
Tane (1pt + ?)
5 animals + 1 additional point for every additional animal card.
Ino-Shika-Cho (5pts)
The boar, the deer and the butterflies.
Tsukimi De Ippai (3pts)
The moon and the sake cup. Cumulative with Hanami de Ippai.
Hanami De Ippai (3pts)
The cherry with banner and the sake cup. Cumulative with Tsukimi de Ippai.
Sanko (6pts)
Any 3 Bright cards excluding the Rain Man.
Ame-Shiko (8pts)
Any 4 Bright cards including the Rain Man.
Shiko (10pts)
The 4 Bright cards not containing Rain man.
Goko (15pts)
All 5 Bright cards!
Koi-Koi or Stop ?

When a player makes one or more Yakus he must choose between "Koi-Koi" or "Stop":

  • Koi-Koi : "Koikoi" allows to continue the current round and increase the bonus to potentially win more coins.
  • Stopper la manche : Stop the round. Each opponent must give you as many coins as points made with the yakus multiplied by the number of "Koi-Koi" during this round plus one. For instance, if each player must give you 5 coins and there was one "Koi-Koi" during the round, each player must give you 10 coins [5 * (1+1)].

End of the round

The round ends:

  • When players no longer have cards. The oya does not change for the next round.
  • If a player chooses "Stop" when he makes yakus. This player will become the oya for the next round.

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